- As an actor Thierry is about to play France's President de la République
Albert Lebrun in an historical documentary
by Emmanuel Amara for french channel France 5. And always broadcasted
on Canal +,
 "PARIS, ETC" a series directed by Zabou Breitmann. Thierry is
playing the clerk of the court.

As a director, you can watch "JE SUIS LA FÈVE" a very short movie
directed for Nikon Film Festival with actresses Anne Broussard and
Cécile Théodore here.
"UNE FEMME BANALE" ("Ordinary woman" - trailer here !) a short movie
directed by Thierry is still travelling. It's been presented with success
in Tunis, at Chouftouhonna international feminist festival.
Visit GARY's site here.

- "WE ARE SO YOUNG" Gary's film from 2015 is now on free viewing here.
Enjoy !

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