vignette_bio Born near the seaside in the west of France, I decided to move to Paris in the 80's, officially to go to university and unofficially, to attend theatre classes.

I began my artistic training with the very classical Jean-Laurent Cochet but switched quickly to the famous "New York 's Actor's Studio" led by Cathleen Leslie. Originally cerebral, I discovered "The Method acting" which opened a very new way of being and feeling the world : a revolution for me at this point of my life ! This encounter pointed the beginning of my re-invention.

I pursued my theatre studies with Jack Garfein, Andreas Voutsinas, Jean-Pierre Dougnac, Philippe Lanton, Pascal Luneau and recently with Scott Williams ("Meisner technique") and Nicky Flacks.

I also worked with dancers Dominique Hervieu, Wim Vandeykebus and Hervé Diasnas and singing teachers Boris Moore (from The Roy Hart Theatre), Oscar Sisto, Juan Ramos, Martine Viard, Nadine George and continue today with the choir Abadachoeur.

In 1987, I made my first steps on stage in professional productions. Since then I performed in more than 30 productions throughout France and Europe, working on playwrights such as Molière, Shakespeare, Tchekhov, Dorin, Nilly, Nordmann… one important fact is my choice to work with contemporary "non-classical" directors : Agnès Desfosses, Laurent Pelly, François Ha Van, Gabor Tompa, Céline Brunelle…

During the mid 90's, I began performing for films and television with famous Claude Lelouch and for the TV series "Highlander" with English Canadian director Mario Azzopardi. I performed too in english in the first "Bourne Identity" directed by Doug Liman. Later I collaborated with Marc Angelo ("Quai n°1"), Frédéric Forestier ("Le Boulet"), Jean-Marc Brondolo ("Spiral-Engrenages"), Thierry Binisti ("Assassinée"), Julien Despaux ("Profilage"), Alain Guesnier ("Souvenirs d'un vieil enfant - La rafle du Vel d'hiv'"), Frédéric Beigbeder ("L'amour dure trois ans"), Jérôme Navarro ("Fais pas ci, fais pas ça"), Thomas Lilti ("Hippocrate") and recently with Zabou Breitman ("Paris etc") and Albert Dupontel ("Adieu les cons")…

For the last 20 years, I have been exploring new horizons. I have written scripts and directed shorts movies, video clips…I wrote my first script for cinema and my first novel too. I have also directed several stage-plays. I continue to prefer contemporary works for the liberty they allow.

Stage and cinema artist, performer, script writer, director, My curiosity and taste for challenges, my appetite for work and research… my never-ending enthusiasm permit me to open multiple fields of activity !

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