- Last news as an actor :
"Je te promets" (french version of american series "This is us") directed by Mathilde Vallet, is now on french channel TF1. I play a heartless HR director with Léonie Simaga.

• I was recently onstage in "3 counterfeitings : Bucarest-Venise-Ibiza" in Paris' Théâtre 13. Directed by Laurent Bazin, this is a very unconventional play... the kind of theatre I like !

- Last news as a director :

•The documentary I co-directed with Agnès Desfosses was presented in french parliament, the "Assemblée Nationale". It's about energic artistic life in the suburbs of Paris. I'm very happy and proud of this official and political presentation ! Link to the teaser

›› Here's my website as director : GARY

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